Juthi Dewan
Michael Suen

Project Overview

Moxie (formerly Hectic) is an all-in-one platform for freelances and service businesses to manage projects, clients, invoices, contracts and sales! Instead of creating a platform with a lot of complexity, Moxie's goal was to have a more guided experience to target the needs of their users and aid in whatever service they need at the moment without any distraction.

As an all-encompassing platform, Moxie's goal was to create an effortless and informative onboarding process and platform, guiding users on their journey without overwhelming them.

The Design

Moxie came with its own set of brand guidelines and illustration bank and so our work was more focused on the experience and the interface.

Meant to be lighthearted and educational, the onboarding experience is the core foundation of the platform. We saw onboarding as an opportunity to inform the user about the available options, enabling them to select the services they require, while also promoting premium offerings without disrupting their experience.

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