hello! 🌸

My name is Juthi (যুথী) and I am designer and founder of Muro.

Born in Bangladesh, I am an indigenous woman from the Chakma tribe, currently living in San Francisco, California.

I have a background in Applied Math and Statistics and I've always loved data driven storytelling and that paired with my love for illustration and graphic design is what led me to UX, the sweet spot between technical and creative skills.

I find true fulfilment in creating designs that revolve around people and community and am eager to explore opportunities where my work can make a positive impact. With a diverse work background spanning startups, design agencies, food and education, I bring a scrappy and adaptive approach to every project and my curiosity drives me forward!

This portfolio is always a work in progress, but you can reach me at juthidewan.design@gmail.com

You can also access my resume here!